Introducing The New OpenSea Homepage

The homepage of OpenSea is often the first place people visit to explore the vast world of NFTs. We’re always looking for ways to enrich and simplify this experience on OpenSea, so today, we’re excited to show you our upcoming homepage redesign!

The goal of our redesign is to build an entry point into the world of NFTs that reflects the vibrant pulse of the ecosystem and highlights a diverse set of high-quality content. For us, this means surfacing a more robust mix of stats and data, curating finds from our teams as well as tastemakers across our community, and generally making discovery more delightful.

We’re rolling out these new homepage changes and features in waves, starting today with a new carousel at the very top of the page, along with greater visibility for our Top and Trending collections and spotlight sections. We want to hear from you as we make these changes: please let us know what you think!  

What’s New

With this new look, the first thing you’ll notice is the revamped top carousel. The top carousel can either spotlight a single big event or a rotating set of new and trending collections. Our goal is to make it easier for everyone to find something new and discover emerging projects and creators across the world of NFTs.

Top and Trending Tabs

We’ve heard from our community of collectors that data and statistics are critically important to their overall OpenSea experience. With our redesign, we’re raising the visibility of both Top and Trending collections and adding more data (like floor price and volume) to provide an at-a-glance view into what’s making waves in the NFT world at any given time. From this section, collectors can also easily access our improved Stats page, which includes a deeper dive into key insights and a revamped Watchlist tab.

The Top tab shows collections sorted by highest volume over a 24-hour period. While the Trending tab shows collections that you may find interesting based on momentum in the ecosystem over a 24-hour period.

We know that these insights are important to our community of experienced and novice collectors alike, so expect to see continual additions to the type of data we surface here – and please send us your feedback about what else you’d like to see!

Spotlight Sections

There’s an enormous amount of content and diversity in the NFT ecosystem from digital art and gaming, to music, redeemables, and so much more. The redesigned homepage will have new shelves highlighting new and notable projects, alongside spotlights that highlight a broad array of NFT types, artists, genres and projects curated by our team as well as guest tastemakers from across our community in the future.

What’s Next

Over the next few months, you can expect to see continual improvements and additions to the redesigned homepage including:

  • Surfacing more interesting and topical finds from throughout the NFT ecosystem via tastemakers and curators
  • Diving deeper into rapidly growing NFT verticals, like gaming and music
  • Providing additional and fresher stats to collectors to help them find their next favorite artists and collections

The NFT ecosystem is vast, and with this new homepage, we’re excited to continue our work to highlight the work of creators of all sizes, helping everyone navigate the diversity and depth of creativity that is waiting to be discovered.

We hope you’ll follow along and share your feedback, suggestions for upcoming guest curators, and other ideas to improve the homepage experience in our Discord.

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Headings, paragraphs, blockquotes, figures, images, and figure captions can all be styled after a class is added to the rich text element using the "When inside of" nested selector system.